Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Independent was launched in 1999 to provide local coverage in the village of Tijeras, a small mountain community overlooked by the bigger Albuquerque media market.

It eventually grew to cover more than 4,000 square miles of rural communities east of Albuquerque including the East Mountains, Edgewood, Torrance County and all of the Estancia Valley.

The paper’s longtime owner and publisher Leota Harriman ceased publishing in late 2022, at the end of the Covid pandemic.

In early 2023, a local New Mexico-owned newspaper group, Ctrl+P Publishing,  purchased the paper and brought it back to service as the weekly paper of record for the East Mountains, Edgewood and the Estancia Valley.


Our Team

Glen Rosales, Editor

glen@newmexico.news | 505.300.4087 | LinkedIn

Glen Rosales was a staff and freelance writer for the Albuquerque Journal for almost 35 years. He joined Ctrl+P Publishing group in 2023 as the editor of The Independent.

Pat Davis, Owner/Publisher

pat@newmexico.news | 505.300.4087 | LinkedIn

Pat Davis is the owner and publisher at Ctrl+P Publishing, a cohort of local New Mexico community newspapers. In addition to his work with Ctrl+P, Pat is the CEO of a large cannabis company and as an elected Albuquerque City Councilor.

Freelancers and Contributors

The Independent covers more than 4,000 square miles across central and eastern New Mexico -- that's far more than any individual reporter can keep up with.  That's why we employ a team of freelancer contributors and columnists to provide local coverage in communities they know best. 

Some of our frequent contributors are: Loeta Harriman (Edgewood), Ty Bannerman (East Mountains), Josiah Ward (News)

Interesting in joining our team?  Email our editor at the contact information above.